A Detailed Explanation of Longboard Vs Skateboard – Which is Better?

Are you want to test some different flavor of sporting? Then you should try longboard or skateboard. Longboard and skateboard both are not sports equipment directly but kind of. Let’s explain the difference betweenlongboard vs skateboard.

What is Longboard

Longboard is not a sports tool but it’s similar to. You can enjoy unlimited fun with it. Longboard is larger than the skateboard. Different in the wheel and its shape! Longboard is more verity wide than the skateboard. Also, a longboard is faster than a skateboard for its big wheels. There has some different longboarding style which is popular nowadays, which is longboard dancing and freestyle longboard.

What is skateboard

Skateboarding is a very popular trend nowadays. Skateboard is a sports tool which is used for skateboarding. Skateboarding is very easy and fun. It’s specially designed with maplewood board which makes the shape of skateboard stronger and more durable. Skateboard is mostly made with 7 piles of this wood.

Let’s compare side by side details of skateboard and longboard.

Balancing of longboard and skateboard


Longboard is famous for its balancing capability. Many sports players love longboard because of balancing it. Longboard is much larger than the skateboard. So, you can balance it very easily. And you have less chance to make an accident. If you’re a beginner, then you can do also some great stuns and balance it. You can grab the attention of your friends.

longboard and skateboard (1)longboard and skateboard (1)


Skateboard is needed expert equality of balancing. Because of its smaller size. You can’t go with skateboard if you’re not expert in balancing. If you’re a beginner, then a longboard is the good choice to learn and when you’re an expert then skateboard is the great choice for you. Skateboarding is more enjoyablethan a longboard.

longboard and skateboard (2)longboard and skateboard (2)longboard and skateboard (2)

Size and shape of longboard and skateboard

Before choosing any of them you have to know their size and shapes. Which is comfortable for you.


Longboard is pretty larger in size than the skateboard. Mostly longboard length will be 130 cm. on each side, longboard has two strips which are pretty cool. It’s easy to ride.


The most interesting part of skateboard its shape! The greatest feature of the skateboard is the curved shape of the deck on both sides. The curved shape is the best feature for those people who love to kickflips. Many experts are recommended for the skateboard. Because it can give you the better experience of riding.

Wheels of longboard and skateboard

They’remanifest different in the wheels of longboard and skateboard.  Wheels play a vital role for each board. Before you are choosing skateboard or longboard you have to decide what or where you want to ride. If you want to perform on tricks and benches or reling then skateboard is good for you.

On the other side, the longboard is good if you want to ride smoother.


Longboard is best of its larger size if you are beginner then a longboard is a good tool to make you a pro. Longboard is good for the long run. Because of its soft and larger wheels. You can enjoy the ride on rough surfaces.

longboard and skateboard (4)longboard and skateboard (4)longboard and skateboard (4)


Skateboard is much lighter weight than a longboard, so you can perform tricks, benches, and reling also. The wheel of the skateboard is not soft like a longboard, so you can ride anywhere. Its curves shape deck will give you a different experience.

longboard and skateboard (3)longboard and skateboard (3)longboard and skateboard (3)

Which one is better longboard vs skateboard?

Are longboards or skateboards better? Many people have this question in their mind that which one is better. it’s depended on your needs. What type of ride you want or your favorite? If you are a beginner, then a longboard is better for you. But that’s not mean you can’t ride on a skateboard. Longboard is larger than skateboard so atthe beginner level, you can balance yourselfbetter on a longboard.

If you are a guy who loves to stuns want to perform on tricks and benches, then definitely skateboard is the best choice for you. If you’re atthe beginner level, then you can also ride on a skateboard. Skateboard is lightweight than a longboard. So, you can enjoy it more easily.

Is it easier to skateboard or longboard?

If you want to cruising long distance with high speed and smoothly then a longboard is the best choice for you. Longboard is easier to control so you can balance yourself better.

Skateboarding is also well known as a popular street sport. If you want to ride on skateboard-like pro, then you have to learn kickflip. Kickflip is a trick where you can flip your skateboard on 360 degrees. And, you can do many tricks with a skateboard. The skateboard is also easy.


Longboard vs skateboard which one is better?

Actually, it depends on your needs. you can but both in your beginner level if you want. But if you want to ride longer at high speed and smoothly run then a longboard is the best choice. And if you want to perform on tricks and benches with or without kickflip then skateboard is the best choice.

Can you do tricks on a longboard?

This is popular Longboard for cruising mostly. But you can do tricks with a longboard.

How to stand on a skateboard?

Skateboarding is very easy. Before riding on skateboarding, you have to know how to stand on a skateboard?

There are have two different types of common stances in skateboarding.

  • Regular
  • Goofy

Before riding decide whether you’re more comfortable. keep feet, shoulder, width separately.


Longboards or skateboards which one is better? It’s not any hard task to do now! You can choose any by your choice. But before buying any boards (skateboard/longboard) make sure they are fulfilling your needs. it’s not cheaper so again think and buy any which will good for you. In our article, we’re trying to provide you a proper idea and comparison between longboard and skateboard. So, we hope our article will help you a lot to take your decision.

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