The Best Longboard Brands in 2021 – Top 12 Brand with Specialty

Longboarding brings a thrilling feel that is beyond explanation. The kids, adults, elders, everyone loves to feel a longboard under their feet. However, as a professional or a newbie, everyone’s skating experience depends on few factors. It includes their performance, the board, the brand, and others. Some of you may be thinking about how the brand is so important? Yes, it’s important, and many of us are conscious of the best longboard brand.

You may get a little hint about what we are going to talk about today. There are lots of longboard brands, but it’s hard to figure out any brand as the best. So, recently we have done long research and made a selection of the most popular longboard brands.

In this article, I am going to reveal the top longboard brand list. So, keep reading to learn more about them.

What is the Best Longboard Brand?

Probably you have noticed that there are numerous longboard brands available in the market. Every brand claims to be the best, but the truth is that most brands don’t sell high-quality ones. You won’t be able to get the proper enjoyment of longboarding without a good-quality longboard. That’s why I have come up with a list of the best longboard brands in this segment. 

Before knowing about the top longboard brands, let me tell you about the categories of longboards available in the market. There are three different categories that the brands follow for selling longboards, which are:

  • Premium
  • Entry-level &
  • Not worth your attention

Premium: Experienced longboarders often go for this option while buying a longboard. The strong structure of premium longboards is worth buyable. This category of longboards ensures the highest possible safety and comfort. So, it is no wonder that the price is slightly higher, yet it’s the most preferred category.

Entry-level: These brands work to provide high-quality longboards at a cheaper rate than the premium ones. These longboards are also preferred by many, but these are not the top-rated boards. 

Not worth your attention: The name of this category clears that these are the brands that are not worth mentioning. It’s better that you try to avoid these companies while buying a longboard. I will write more about this category later in this segment. 

Premium Brands 

Sector 9

Sector 9 took out the first spot among the best longboard brands. It has started its journey quite earlier than some brands like Landyachtz. Initially, the skateboarders used their backyard as a working station to produce top-notched boards. With time the company earned popularity,  & you can see where they are now!

Sector 9 is a well-known brand for generating beginner-friendly products. It appears with a wide range of products, including downhill boards, cruisers, bamboo boards & others. Apart from that, they produce Gullwing Sidewinder, one of the market’s best trucks. Another worth mentioning thing they manufacture is the nine balls wheels & slide gloves. 

Brand Specialty: Production of quality beginner-friendly longboards.


In the longboarding community, Landychatz is one of the famous Canadian brands. The company started its journey in 1997. Since then, it has been producing many iconic longboards. 

Landyachtz company always claims to produce durable and high-end piece products. And you can justify their lawsuit through tons of positive feedback & five-star ratings. They produce a list of products, including cruisers, mini cruisers, downhills, freerides & much more. 

Like sector 9, it also offers trucks, Hawgs wheel, Spaceballs bearings to upgrade your boards. The only cons I found is it’s a bit pricey. However, it’s worth buying a pricey sustainable board once then frequently. 

Brand Specialty: Production of high-end pieces


I bet that you have seen this brand name, don’t you?  A video pushing a loaded board on the street went viral. Although Loaded had started their journey in 2000 in California, they were unable to gain popularity initially. They launched their very first longboard named ‘The Vanguard.’ But that didn’t make any difference then.

However, they took a sharp turn in 2009 and were equipped to establish their company more firmly. After that, they don’t need to look back. It is now a key brand in the longboarding domain. Also, loaded is a well-known name for producing orangutang wheels. Apart from that, it also produces snowboards, protective gear, sliding gloves, etc.

Brand Specialty: All-arounder production 


Rayne has ranked four on our list, which is another brand from Canada. It hit the marketplace in 2004. Now, it is considered an innovative brand in the longboarding community. Graham Buksa, the founder of Rayne, makes this company a pioneer for bringing technical advantages in longboarding. 

In terms of producing various types of longboards, Rayne is not inferior to the other brands. It produces cruisers, mini cruisers, downhill, freerides, and longboards for dancing. For its optimum quality, it is now one of the favorite brands among the pro players. Some may find it a pricey option, but it provides great value at that price. 

Brand Specialty: Durable production


Jerry Madrid, the founder of the Madrid company, started making longboards back in the 1960s. Besides, it is one of the first brands to introduce concave skateboards. They also produce cruisers, downhill, racing boards & pool/retro boards. 

It set a benchmark on the moviegoers. Have you watched the Back to the Future movie? If yes, then you might notice that Marty McFly used the Madrid longboards. If you are a fan of Stranger Things, you may have seen MadMax using this brand’s board.

This is their claim to fame. However, whoever used their boards once – said they love it & this is one of the best boards they have ever ridden. 

Brand Specialty: Quite famous 


Compared to other boards in our list, it is fairly a new brand. It started the journey in 2001. It was not famous then. And the team member also takes a long time to create a strong lineup. In 2009, they opened their first shop in NYC. That was the first time they came to people’s attention. 

This is now a popular brand for producing freestyle boards, downhill boards, cruise, street commuting boards,& dance boards. On top of that, they offer customized boards to their customers. That means you can have your name imprinted on the deck. 

Brand Specialty: Customizable

Arbor Collective

Arbor is a renowned name and quite an older brand in the longboarding domain. Interestingly, it was launched in 1996 to produce snowboards. In 1999, they decided to bring their very first skateboards to the market. Later in 2010, they launched the downhill division. 

And now, it is considered one of the popular longboard brands of the premium category. However, there is scope for improvement, nothing to say about their quality. They always determine to provide the highest quality of mid and mini cruisers, commuting, freestyle, downhill boards & longboards for carving. If you notice the outlooks, it differs from other brands in the market. 

Brand specialty: Unique outlooks 

Subsonic Longboards

This brand has been going strong with its business since 1999 by making a variety of longboards. They use advanced CNC machines for cutting the boards and then give them a shape by hand. Their unique handicraft finishing of the boards makes it of higher values and quality. So, there remains no question regarding the top-rated quality of Subsonic longboards. 

Cruisers, long-distance pushers, downhill skaters, and many more varieties are available in this brand. Moreover, they customize the boards if you explain to them about your preferred design. I guess that’s a huge opportunity for those concerned with both the quality and external appearance. 

Brand Specialty: Versatile use 

Entry-Level Brands

Santa Cruz Longboards

This is considered the oldest manufacturer company of longboards which started its journey with making cruisers. Then they started making longboards, and year by year, they tried to update the products according to trends. In a word, these boards can be the best option for a longboarder who is about to begin longboarding. 

The price is quite low, so you can’t expect them to provide you the highest quality longboard. Their main focus is on the deck design rather than the top valued quality. With this brand’s longboard, beginners can enjoy a fun ride with a cool look at an affordable price.

You can see the Santa Cruz longboards reviews for more details about this board.

Brand Specialty: Cool designs

Atom Longboards

If you are searching for an affordable one, this Atom longboard is what you are looking for. The company hit the marketplace relatively recently in 2005. The best part is they compromise the budget without affecting the quality. Their skilled team members know which part might be okay to spend less money on.

Also,  they bring up a great line of beginner-friendly boards. Another reason to stand out from the crowd is their solid base on the concrete structure. The manufacturers stated that they designed the center of the board on low gravity. Thus, you can make some amazing moves without any fear of falling. 

You can see the Atom Longboard review for more details about this board

Brand Specialty: Ensuring safety

Rimable Longboards

Many people want to do longboarding, but most of them can’t afford a longboard for the higher price of longboards. Their dream of longboarding can’t get fulfilled for their tight wallets. Rimable is an entry-level longboard-making company that focuses on producing longboards at the lowest possible rates. 

They might not meet people’s desire for high-quality longboards, but they surely give hope to many beginners. However, this brand is quite good for cruising and carving, which are no less fun while longboarding. Experts rated this brand as the lowest-priced longboard producer in the market. 

Brand Specialty: One of the best cheap longboard brands.


This company is also incredible in providing lower-priced longboards and skateboards with maintaining an average quality. They started the journey in 2010 and since then trying to produce cheap-rated longboards for beginners. Their price range is within 35 to 70 dollars which is quite affordable. 

The reason behind the cheap rate is that this brand doesn’t provide any design at the bottom of the deck. Besides, many experts claim that the longboard wheels, trucks, bearings, and other parts of these longboards are of lower quality. However, if you are not much concerned about quality over affordability, you can go for this one.

Brand Specialty: Simple cruising boards

Which Brands and Longboards should be Avoided?

I have talked about some of the best longboard companies providing premium and entry-level longboards. Among them, I prefer the premium ones most as I am a quality freak person. Cheap-priced products can be the reason for arising many unwanted issues. 

However, cheaply priced with an average quality can be purchased as a beginner. Some longboards available in the market should be avoided for sure. Let’s see what those brands which don’t worth your attention are.

  • You may see many longboards in grocery stores alongside the vegetables. Store maintainers will claim these boards to be of good longboard brands but don’t fall into their trap. Try to avoid these brands as often they come out to be craps. 
  • Many longboard brands are available on Amazon and other renowned online platforms with high ratings. Don’t always believe the ratings because sometimes the sellers boost their product and collect fake reviews. Before buying any longboard whether it is well or poorly rated research well first. 

Final Verdict

So far away from the beginning and surely you got some ideas about the best longboard brands. We have discussed 12 brands falling into 3 categories, and under every brand, we have alluded to their specialty.

Once again, if you ask us to specify among the 12 brands, it will be tougher, but we got 2 favorite picks to share – Sector 9 and Rayne.

Both of them are popular longboard brands, and using their longboard; we got the premium felt. However, that doesn’t mean the other brands are not premium. It varies from people’s choice and usability. So, it will be wise to stay among the brands I have discussed for choosing a longboard.

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